Laser Breast Reduction

The most important advantage of laser breast reduction is the lack of any incision and scars. The breast tissue is removed with laser technology.

In women who do not have ptotic (drooping) breasts, breast reduction can be done via Laser lipolysis with Slim Lipo. Under local anesthesia and sedation, a two-millimeter hole is opened and the Slim Lipo probe is inserted. With the help of this laser probe, the breast tissue is melted and taken outside the body.

The advantage of this technique over classical liposuction is the energy given through the laser probe tightens the skin of the breasts and makes a lifting effect. The procedure lasts for 30-45 minutes. A pressure-bandage and a special bra are used after the operation. This procedure helps to lift the breast without any cuts. Being a minimal invasive procedure, there are no bruising, pain or wounds. Patients may be discharged 2-3 hours after the procedure.

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