Manuel FUE  Hair Transplant

The advantage of the manual FUE technique is the preservation of the grafts and donor region homogeneity. 

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is the technique for the safe extraction of the hair follicle as a graft. In FUE, every follicle is taken carefully with punch from the back part of the scalp. FUE allows high number of graft harvest without scar formation. No incision is made on the scalp. In the FUE technique, the final number of living follicle grafts are more, resulting in a stronger and frequent hair composition.

- Advantages of Manuel FUE technique:

- No permanent scars and no incisions.
- Comfortable and fast healing.
- No significant swelling or bruising. 
- No post-operative pain.
- Fast recovery to normal life

- Maximum number of grafts can be harvested.

Manuel FUE leaves no scar and allows extraction of the highest number of grafts. The technique requires a perfect hand-eye coordination and hand skills. The extraction is done with tactile feeling and no graft loss is permitted. It results in a natural appearance. The harvested grafts are placed to the bald area with the Lateral (Saggital) Slit technique. The harvest process is long and demanding and requires patience for both the patient and the applier.

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