Upper Arm Slimming

Regional fat distribution and laxity in the upper arm area can be solved by laser lipolysis. The fat tissue is melted by laser technology, aspirated and arm is thinned. The skin is tightened with the inner laser energy. 

Laser lipoplasty of the upper arm solves the majority of cases and reduces the need for a brachioplasty, in which there will be scar along the arm. In patients where the skin excess is much and skin is lax, then brachioplasty must be considered. 

Upper arm slimming is done under sedation and local anesthesia. It lasts for about 45 minutes and 2 millimeter holes are opened for laser probe insertion. Then the emulsified fat is taken out by suction. A special bandage is used after the procedure. Patient is discharged the same day. Arm exercises are prohibited for three weeks. 

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